Top 10 KGF MOVIE Dialogues

I don’t like it. I Avoid..
But…Violence likes me!
I Can't Avoid it.

History tells us that powerful people come from powerful places. History was wrong! Powerful people make places powerful

This story is written in blood. It can’t continue with ink. If it has to continue… it has to be only with blood!

Don’t Worry…
you are in safe hands.
Jagah ke liye Naya hu…
Field me nahi….

There will be no more tolerance. I also have forces. we shall seek and destroy.

Kya hua hai humare desh ko
jhaan dekho Recommendation,
Donation, domination, influence, baap ka naam.

He is the biggest criminal…
He is the biggest businessman…
This is the biggest national issue!

I don’t need anyone’s friendship. No one can endure my enmity.

Aapke liye
Of the people, for the people, By the people
Mere liye…. BUY The people.

Main hamesha
jung talne ki koshish karta hu..
Lekin Jung hue….
To jeetunga to main hi….

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